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Film reels sizes

A 8mm film 3 inch reel, holds a maximum of 25 feet of film. The film runs at 16 or 18 fps, (frames per second), a setting set on the camera. Most films were shot at 16 fps which gave approximately 3 1/2 minutes of running time.

The 5 inch reel holds a maximum of 200ft of film, and the 7 inch reel holds a maximum of 400ft of film

25ft, 200ft and 400ft reels

Standard 8mm film, Super 8mm film, Super 8mm film with sound and 16mm film


DVD authoring is a process where 8mm films (Standard or Super), 16mm film or VHS video is converted onto digital disks. The advantage of having your video's placed onto DVD are numerous. Scenes can be deleted and swopped allowing the viewer to select which scene to watch.  All scenes can be titled according to your needs.

Unlike film or video, DVD disks cannot stretch and can play on most DVD players. Ensure that your player is able to read DVD-R disks to ensure compatibility. Even though these specifications are not listed on your machine, it should allow playback.

Not only do we convert 8mm films, VHS Video and DV Tapes to DVD, we also convert slides, audio cassettes and LP records onto CD.